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Makeup & Face Products

If you are looking to create a truly luxurious experience for your guests, you need to go beyond the usual and offer something that can be used even after the guests leave. Makeup and face care products are one of the best options as they provide the perfect personal care experience, especially for female guests. You can customize your amenities kit according to gender and add some commonly used items to the kit for your female guests. You can choose from a vast collection of products available with the best makeup products suppliers in China and provide branded items that can elevate the experience even more. Things like face mists, tonics, concealers, eyeliners, makeup removal kits, and so many other products can be offered in your kit. Each item has a unique use, and you can even entice your guests to visit repeatedly by offering different types of products in the kit after every few days or weeks. Offering branded products also increases the trust that your guests have in your overall services and this small addition to your amenities kit can help you boost your sales significantly. Buying makeup accessories at wholesale prices also gives you the ability to create custom packages yourself that you can use to further promote your hotel brand.