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Blankets are one of the most basic things you can expect to see in a hotel room, and you must provide the best quality to make the stay comfortable for your guests. Depending on where you are situated and the type of weather you experience, you can choose from a wide range of product options that would go well with your rooms. However, if you want to appease your guests, you need to take it one step beyond the basics and offer something that they never forget. While the product range is typically the same, you need to look for every option that offers premium materials in fleece blankets at wholesale prices that would fit that criterion. There are quite a few types of blankets to choose from for your hotel room and you can easily figure out which are the basics and which are for additional comfort. These can be easily procure from the best vellux blanket supplier in China. Typically, you will see fleece blankets, quilts, comforters, honeycomb weave blankets, down comforters and blankets, thermal blankets, duvet inserts, etc. You can also provide additional blankets and have them appropriately stored using large blanket storage boxes. You can either go with white or go for a color theme, depending on your preferences.