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Privacy Policy

Last updated on 23 – 07 - 2021

There is currently no law in China that regulates the proliferation and storage of private and personal data. However, several constitutional provisions (Articles 38 and 40) guarantee a direct right to privacy and the ability to communicate in a completely private manner – Hospitality Mama complies with these and all other applicable laws when it comes to protecting your personal information.

Other Data Protection Laws we abide by:

In addition, Chinese criminal law (Article 120 of the P.R.C Criminal Law) protects information provided to firms inside Chinese borders and prohibits private information from being shared with third parties without the client's express agreement.

More specifically, computer and internet rules are governing the storage of databases that must be followed within Chinese borders (this right is also guaranteed to our customers if they are dealing with representatives of Hospitality Mama in any of our offices located across the globe).

These laws provide that such information must be safeguarded with appropriate security methods, kept secret, and not altered or disseminated.

Above and beyond – Our Data Protection Promise to You

While it is mandatory for us here at Hospitality Mama to follow these regulations regarding your privacy of information, we go even further and implement procedures that meet the standards of the European Union's very strict Data Protection Directive ( Directive 95/46/EC ) from 2012. This regulation focuses on the protection of persons when their data is processed.

We promise to offer the following services under the provisions of this directive:

If and when data is gathered, we will notify all of our customers. Please be aware that information will be gathered throughout your email discussions with us for us to best fulfil your current and future requirements.

We promise that any information we gather and utilise will be used only to help you with your current and future promotional requirements. It will never be used for anything else.

We ensure that your private, personal, and business information will be kept safe and secure, that it will not be stored in "the cloud" without your express consent, and that we will have the security procedures in place to prevent information theft using current methods.

We keep a careful eye on developments in data thieves' techniques and adjust our security measures as needed. Staff who have access to your information are limited in their capacity to misuse it, and the deterrents we have in place to prevent this are strong, even to the point of criminal prosecution if your information is misused.

We promise complete disclosure that we are the only ones utilising your information (exceptions apply; see further in this document). We do have partnerships with other manufacturers, but no identifiable information will be sent to them in the course of serving your needs (All imprint of company details on products is conducted exclusively in Hospitality Mama managed factories).

We promise that you have the right (without prejudice) to request the information we have gathered about yourself, your organisation, or others, and that you have the right to have that information corrected so that it consistently represents the truth and is 100 % accurate at any time.

We, Hospitality Mama, now declare that we are responsible for the use or misuse of your personal, private, and business data.

GDPR regulation

With the implementation of the GDPR legislation in the European Union (EU), Hospitality Mama incorporates EU clauses as a protection when transferring personal data. We guarantee the protection of your personal information and other data, such as company name, phone number, email address, contact information, logos, and so on.

Hospitality Mama keeps meticulous records of how and when we obtained your permission. We give our contact information as well as an opt-out option in the case of a cold outreach (non-EU countries).

Thank you for taking the time to visit us — We are a globally recognised promotional partner.

We're pleased that you're considering using our services and purchasing our goods for the benefit of your company. We place a great importance on you, and we will do everything we can to protect you and provide you with outstanding service. We demonstrate our commitment to your best interests by going above and beyond Chinese legislation to include the needs of EU law in the field of data privacy.

Now we'll go through how we handle personal data that's been given to us.

Personal data transfer, processing, collecting, and security precautions are taken by Hospitality Mama to keep your data secure. We simply gather your personal information to help us in placing a mutually agreeable transaction and delivering that order. We only collect your data to best deliver our offered services, whether you are opening a reseller account with us, scanning through our vast catalogue, or expressing an interest in receiving our newsletter series, which demonstrates the methods of using our products in the most efficient and effective ways.

If you request it, personal information provided to us during the creation of a single order will not be retained for future use. We do keep the emails and form data that you send us in the interest of transparency and to be able to point out the goods and delivery mechanisms that will best fit you in the future.

PLEASE NOTE that we do not retain any financial information such as bank account numbers or credit card numbers in this manner, and that the majority of transactions pass via our secure PayPal and credit card gateway

If you specify, the information you submit to us will be deleted once your transaction has been completed and payment has been received in full. Your email address is retained by us when you contact with us and can be accessible by your account manager to remain in touch with you; however, if you request it, your email address will be removed from our database. We save your order information for future use, but if you request it, we will erase it following Chinese and EU data protection regulations. If you join us as a reseller, you can request that your account be deleted at any time.

We will not be transferred under our assurances to safeguard your data, business data, and so on (exceptions apply, please see below). This information, as well as any other identifying information obtained via the use of a customer account number or otherwise, will not be shared with other parties.

Exceptions to no transfer of data policy

While we occasionally utilise third parties to fulfil delivery deadlines (and always use third parties for product shipment), your personal information will never be abused. These third-party shipping companies must have your address and other information.

These companies are all well-known globally, such as DHL and FedEx, and are legally obligated not to misuse your information in any manner. We will also put you in touch with a shipping agent with your permission and at your desire to help you with the release of your cargo from port, etc. These third parties (shipping companies/shipping agents/banking/credit card/PayPal institutions) are the only ones who are exempt from our guarantee not to give your information to anybody else.

In terms of payment information and security, keep in mind that these service providers are only given the information they need to provide payment - this information might include information about your bank account, PayPal account, or credit card. This sort of data storage is just temporary, and the information is erased / deleted once the payment is completed (the completion of the sales contract)

As with our usage of only global standard and internationally reputable delivery agents, the financial firms we deal with are also held in high regard and live up to the terms of their data protection promises. Your information is encrypted, protected, stored for a limited time only, and is guaranteed not to be transferred to any third parties.

Best practice data encryption promise

We make no money from the dissemination of your information for any reason other than to facilitate and deliver orders in the best possible way. Only your payment data is transmitted when dealing with financial institutions. To safeguard your privacy, your information is encrypted during the order process. This information will not be accessible to unauthorised individuals, and it will not be lost or purposefully altered during the transfer.

Your choice in passing on personal data

You can, of course, visit our site without providing us with any personal information. In this situation, we have access to certain crucial data, none of which is individually identifiable. This information is only relevant to us for the smooth operation of our websites. The following is the information you submitted to us as a result of your visit to our website:

The type of browser you're using, as well as your computer's OS (operating system), the time you visited our site and how long you stayed online with us, the URL that directed you to us (more on cookie use later in this article), and the IP address of the machine you used to visit our site.

We guarantee that we will not use this information to identify you personally.

Afillilates, Tracking Pixels and Cookies

The “Referring URL” is a link to another website. To expand our reach and guarantee that those who desire our service can get it, we work with affiliate partners who occasionally display banner advertisements and other content that supports our site and links to it. We utilise Cookies and Tracking pixels to guarantee that these affiliate partners are adequately compensated for their assistance in helping customers to locate us.

What exactly are "cookies?" These are simple text files that are saved on your computer and allow us to track down the affiliate who sent you to us. We employ "Session Cookies," which are simply for your convenience if the server times out, for example. This sort of cookie allows you to save the contents of your shopping cart with us.

The instant you close your web browser these cookies are destroyed / deleted.

The other type of web-based data collecting we utilise corresponds to our advertising and affiliate marketing practises. These are the "Tracking Pixels" (which also last around a month) - As previously stated, when an affiliate website, a Google / Facebook ad, or another advertises for Hospitality Mama, a Tracking Pixel is transmitted from the server to register the link being visited. The tracking pixels do not collect any personal information about you and are solely used to facilitate purchases and ensure that our advertisers are compensated for assisting you in finding us.

You always have the option to change your browser settings so that neither your computer nor ours can collect these cookies

We are Facebook Connected. What this means for your Privacy?

We are completely Facebook linked, as you can see from visiting our site; we are part of the social media revolution, allowing our clients to get updates on our services and describe the quality of service we provided to others with whom they are connected. While the goal of utilising Facebook plug-ins in this manner is to provide complete transparency, we recognise that Facebook is a direct means for others to identify you, and so we would be in violation of our data protection policy unless we informed you of the following:

When you click on the “Like” button, it will be instantly recognizable to others you are linked up with that you have visited the Hospitality Mama website. This clicking of the “Like” button ( we sincerely believe you will “like” us) makes a record of your visit with the plug ins forwarding the information regarding your visit to our own Facebook page, which will deliver said information also to your own Facebook wall. To avoid information being passed in this manner do not click on the identified Facebook plug-ins. To see how information is processed and handled by Facebook itself, look

to http://facebook.com/privacy/explanation/

How do we use your email address once you message us?

We use your email address to stay in touch with you, to keep you up to speed on the status of your purchase, to refine your samples, to send price information, and to assist you in putting together the finest promotional campaigns possible. Your email address is required as part of the order and correspondence process.

We prefer to do all business via email because it is the most reliable method of avoiding mistakes (information is stored and can be accessed if there are any questions). Your email is a chance for us to establish a relationship with you, assess the effectiveness of your campaign, and form medium and long-term partnerships with our customers.

The emails themselves that are sent to us by you and the emails that are sent in response are stored, and can be looked to again at a future point (unless you request their deletion) for the provision of best practice service.


Hospitality Mama's email newsletter series that's been proven to benefit our customers. We provide the following significant newsletter information-

Please note that in placing your order and in communicating with us you are automatically protected by this agreement. You may if you so wish at any point have your information removed from our database and / or have the information amended.

Who should you contact if you have any issues regarding privacy?

Lily Fu Operations Manager of Hospitality Mama is your go to person if you are having any privacy related issues or have any questions regarding information not covered in this document. Kevin can be contacted at LilyFu@hospitalitymama.com